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RECFER established in 2007, has a team with qualified professionals with an extensive experience in carrying out different works in the area of railway facilities.
Every kind of railway electrification (catenary), such as power distribution systems, signaling systems, rail communications systems and the electrical installations for civil projects are projects that require a high level of knowledge and specialization. That is why we have all the specific machinery, equipment and tools to carry out these works, including trained staff for these specific tasks.


RECURSOS FERROVIARIOS S.L., in the area of railway electrification (catenary), provides services as a contractor for the Spanish railways and subcontractor of construction companies and industrial companies. We have recently initiated the international expansion of the company starting in Norway and we are working to provide our services in other countries.

Signals and Communications

RECURSOS FERROVIARIOS S.L., in the area of signals and communications, provide services as a subcontractor to large construction companies and industrial companies and also to the most important companies with their own technology in this industry worldwide. In this area we develop the following activities: Pipelines construction, facilities tray. Placement of Aerial and underground cables. Rail assembly for rail tracks, wiring, maintenance and testing. Installation, assembly and maintenance of electrical and electronic interlockings. Fibre optic, radiant cable.

Electrification Project

RECURSOS FERROVIARIOS S.L., in the area of electrification projects besides from making new infrastructures projects, we study and implement projects to improve existing networks. Also, we make variations in the railway electrification system and the electrified lines that are conditioned by the large infrastructure projects. H.V., M.V. and L.V. electrified lines. Main Lighting. Emergency Lighting. And generally all kind of electrical installations. This points mentioned above are especially focused on the railway works including works inside tunnels using the required machinery for each one.

Civil Projects

Civil Projects Civil Projects RECURSOS FERROVIARIOS S.L., in this area works and provide services for railway companies, also as subcontractor of construction companies and industrial companies in this industry. We provide assembly and construction of: Prefabricated concrete gutter for wiring. Pipes and trenches for laying of cables. Foundations and cylindrical foundations for noise barriers, electrification poles and for any kind of railroad equipment. Earth movement and excavation for underground transformer stations. Construction of prefabricated sheds and technical railway cabins.

Services and Rentals

RECURSOS FERROVIARIOS S.L., in its efforts to provide a global response to the requirements of our clients, has purchased the necessary machinery to fully execute all the works of our market areas or to offer this machinery directly to the client. Additionally, our staff is highly specialized in railways systems and we have machinery operators and heavy machinery operators with extensive experience with the following approvals and certifications: Pilot of rail safety traffic - Piloto de seguridad en la circulacion (ADIF certificate). Machinery operators of infrastructure - Operadores de maquinaria de Infraestructura (O.M.I.) Authorized agents to cut and reset High Voltage 25kV high-speed rails in the different lines. Pilot of rail safety traffic for FGC(Catalonia rail), TMB(Barcelona Metro) and EuskoTren(Basque Country rail). Jobs manager for FGC - Encargado de trabajos para FGC. Voltage cut-off agents in EuskoTren - Agentes de corte de tension en EuskoTren.

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